How to apostille an FBI background check?

Obtaining an apostille for your FBI background check on your own is not very difficult, but it can be a long and time-consuming process.

If you are not in a rush to process your apostille, we understand that some clients prefer to handle documents on their own. That is fantastic! We are happy to help, that’s why we offer a 100% free guide, no strings attached. 

Below you will find the three different ways to get an apostille for your FBI background check.

Three ways to apostille your FBI background check

1. In-person

2. By-mail

Step 1 – Complete Form DS-4194 to obtain an apostille from the U.S. Department of State (USDOS)

Step 2 – Visit the USDOS in person with your request:

U.S. Department of State
Office of Authentications
600 19th St NW 
Washington, DC 20006
Open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Make sure to include:

  • Completed Form DS-4194
  • Money order for $20

The processing time for walk-in requests is 5 business days.

You will need to return in person to pick up your apostilled documents.

*They have suspended in-person counter service during the COVID-19 pandemic and are only offering mail-in service at this time.

Step 1Complete Form DS-4194 to obtain an apostille from the U.S. Department of State (USDOS)

Step 2 – Send by mail your request directly to the USDOS:

U.S. Department of State
Office of Authentications
44132 Mercure Cir,
PO Box 1206
Sterling, VA 20166

Make sure to include:

  • Completed Form DS-4194
  • Money order for $20
  • A self-addressed, prepaid envelope

The processing time for mail-in requests is 30 business days.

Start counting from the day the U.S. Department of State mailroom receives your apostille order.

3. Hire FBI Apostille Service

If you get frustrated because all the information above, or simply you don’t have time to do this task, we can apostille FBI background checks, we will always be here for you.
Our apostille service is easy, online, comfortable and fast. You only have to follow the three steps below:
  1. Your first step is obtaining your FBI report or FBI background check.  Contact an FBI Approved Channeler. (List of the Approved Channelers).
  2. The FBI Channeler will email you your FBI background check results in PDF format. Please make sure to download and save the PDF file to your computer.
  3. You are now ready to place your FBI apostille order here.

A little more about our company and services

We apostille hundreds of FBI background checks every week. We will make sure your forms are filled correctly, go to the right government office, and that you get your documents back on time. If you are planning on working, living, adopting, getting married, or obtaining dual citizenship in a foreign country, you will need to provide an apostille on your FBI background check. We expedite the process by hand-carrying each report to the U.S. Department of State, where we request apostilles in person. We can obtain the apostille in 5 days* from the day we receive your online order.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If we cannot obtain an apostille for your FBI background check, we will refund your money 100%.

Moreover, we offer free editable translation templates for your FBI background check and the apostille.
Once you copy the template you will be able to edit it with your personal information.

And finally, the most important thing is that we are a very humanized company, you can contact us anytime and we will resolve your questions, your doubts and your concerns as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope to be your choice when you need an apostille!

*Due to COVID-19, the current processing time could be up to 3 weeks.