FBI apostille for Aliyah in Israel

What does "Aliyah" mean?

“Aliyah” is the term used to call Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel. Whoever performs aliyah is called olé (masculine) or olá (feminine); olím or olot (plural), respectively.
You may be interested in reading this article because you have to make Aliyah in the near future.
If so, you will need to know that recently, Misrad Hapnim, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior has decided that an FBI background check and the appropriate apostille are required for all those who apply for Aliyah.

What do you need to know for making Aliyah?

We provide you some information and resources to help clarify the steps for acquiring this document:

  1. For all US Olim/Olot ages 14 and up.
  2. FBI background checks are valid for only 6 months from their issue date.
  3. Olim/Olot must present a background check for every country they have lived in for a year or more from the age of 14.
  4. Olim/Olot with Israeli background making Aliyah from abroad will be required to present a FBI background check.
  5. This is not required of Israeli passport holders who are in Israel and go directly to complete their Aliyah.

Apostilled FBI background checks are required for all Olim/Olot regardless of where they are making Aliyah from. The apostille must be issued in Washington, D.C.

How to acquire the FBI background check?

  1. Contact an Approved Channeller in order to get your fingerprints taken. Here we provide you a list of Approved Channellers.
  2. Once completed, they will send you your FBI background check by email as a PDF file, and by  postal mail as a hard copy.

And how to acquire the FBI apostille?

By now, you already have your FBI background check. Awesome! The next step is to get the apostille. 

We can obtain the FBI apostille for you: fast and comfortable. Our companies, with more than 20 years of experience, process hundreds of apostilles of all kinds daily.